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NEWS FLASH: Did you know? Upcoming NGS Changes for E/M Services
April 2017

National Government Services (NGS), the Part B Medicare carrier for Minnesota and Wisconsin, has announced a change to their E/M exam requirements that will be effective 7/1/17.

This change will affect both the Expanded Problem-focused (EPF) and Detailed exam requirements, with a stated purpose to “eliminate confusion.” It is true that the EPF and Detailed exams have somewhat vague descriptions both in the CPT manual and the official CMS E/M Documentation Guidelines, but it remains to be seen how their new requirements will be received by the provider community.

Barring any last-minute delay or further changes, NGS is now proposing that the EPF exam be defined as “2-5 body areas or organ systems” and the Detailed exam as “6-7 body areas or organ systems.” Hopefully there will be further information from NGS as we get closer to the effective date.

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